Scala In Uni Labs

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Sorting out environment variables

  • To get Scala and Netbeans working in the University labs, first add these lines to your ~/.bashrc file:
export SCALA_HOME=/opt/
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/
alias netbeans='netbeans J-Dscala.home=/opt/'
  • Reload your ~/.bashrc file in the usual way:
$ source ~/.bashrc
  • From now on you MUST start Netbeans from the command line, like this:
$ netbeans

not from the Applications menu. Also, you may see an error message about the Scala directory, just ignore this.

Installing the plugins

$ netbeans

Ignore any error messages about the Scala directories.

  • Go to Tools -> Plugins on the menu.
  • Select the Downloaded tab.
  • Click on the Add plugins button.
  • In the dialog box that opens up, go to the directory where you unzipped the Scala plugins. Select ALL the files in the directory and press OK.
  • Say yes to all the questions and install.
  • Close Netbeans and open it up again (from the command line!).