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Starting the Linux Desktop


You will run Linux through a virtual machine, which is accessible from Windows. Please note this would not normally be the choice of an experienced Linux user. Normally there is no need to have a copy of Windows to use Linux.

Log onto a PC in MI building. You should now be in a position to start up Linux. To do this go to the start menu -> programs -> Scit Software -> VMware. You can also access Linux by double clicking on the “SCIT Software” folder (directory) on your desktop, and the “VMware” folder. It will take a while to load so be patient, use the same username and password to log on to Linux as you used for Windows.

This entry is no longer required

Start a browser, and get back to here

Regardless as to which desktop you use, you should be able to find your way to the default web browser (usually Firefox), and get back to this page - when you do, take a look at Linux102 - Desktop Basics