The Basics

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Creating a university account

Before you can use University computers, you must register for an IT Account. Even if you have used e:Vision to enrol online, you must still register to use the computers and IT facilities. You’ll need your seven digit student number (from your offer letter) and date of birth.

Note that international students register for their IT account when they arrive during our international welcome activities.

Off campus

Go to, and follow the instructions on screen.
Please remember to keep your password safe.

On campus

Go to any student computer.

Log in with :

Username: register
Password: register

then follow the on-screen instructions to get your own username, password (of your choice) and email address.

After you've got your university account...

Reading your email

You can access your email from wherever you are connected to the Internet by visiting


WOLF is the university's Online Learning Framework - it's where we store all our teaching materials, module guides, assessment guides, etc. and can be found at [1] - make sure you subscribe to the SCIT STUDENTS topic


The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (or MSDNAA) is the process by which all SCIT students can obtain free Microsoft software - details can be found at MSDNAA (university account and password required)


For access to information regarding your course, such as module registrations, etc. visit


Information regarding timetabling and rooming for your modules can be found at the university's timetabling website


For campus maps and useful links visit


email address and telephone numbers for staff can be found at


The university calendar showing all the important dates for the year, can be found at

Anything Else?

If you can think of anything important that you think should be here, please email Alix ( with details