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MySQL on mi-linux

MySQL is a very popular, open source, freely available, relational database management system available from

It has been installed on mi-linux and forms the backbone of most web applications/resources available to students, including this wiki!

Students will most likely make advantage of the database server in conjunction with web applications (created in PHP, Java, etc.) to form the data storage/retrieval component of any application.

Registering to use MySQL on mi-linux

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER to use MySQL on mi-linux unless you wish to create your own database. A number of freely accessible databases exist on the server, which can be viewed through the phpMyAdmin administration application, also installed on the server. Login to phpMyAdmin using "demo" as the account with no password to see the freely available databases.


If you wish to create your own database, follow these steps

1. Visit

2. Login with your university account and password

3. Click "Register for a MySQL Account"

4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, paying particular attention to the note that all student databases are deleted at the beginning of each academic year unless prior arrangements to keep databases are made with the MySQL administrator via email at


4. You will be sent an email with a RANDOMLY GENERATED PASSWORD and details on how to connect to the admin interface.

5. Once registered, you can administer your database using the phpMyAdmin web interface.