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Where am I?

This server (mi-linux) is for student use, primarily School of Technology (STech) students at the University of Wolverhampton.

All university of Wolverhampton Staff and Students have access to this wiki by using their usual university accounts - click LOGIN at the top right hand corner.

All STech students automatically have accounts to use this server, and any student studying an STech module can request an account by contacting Alix Bergeret

The Basics

Start by visiting The Basics for a collection of links regarding creating a university user account, an email account, etc.

What's here?

This wiki contains links to important resources, a warehouse of technical documents, instruction manuals, teaching/learning resources and lots of other stuff!

Module/Course Specific Resources
Non-module Specific Resources
4CC002 - Website Fundamentals (HTML/CSS)
Registering for and using MySQL
5CC001 - Web Application Development (PHP and Mysql)
Uploading files to this server
6CC001 - Advanced Web Technologies Using LINUX on your computer
5CS004 - Distributed and Concurrent Systems
Microsoft Imagine (get free MS Software)
GitLab server
Web Development resources
Oracle and SQL


If you find any content that is inappropriate or incorrect, please contact Alix Bergeret and it will be removed immediately.