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The MSDNAA Administrator is Alix Bergeret - please send any enquiries to

What is MSDNAA?

The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance(MSDNAA) is an agreement between Microsoft and an alliance of schools and colleges around the world. The School of Computing and IT (SCIT) at the University of Wolverhampton (UoW) belongs to this alliance. MSDNAA allows students to download, install and use selected Microsoft products.

How is this possible?

The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for MSDNAA is very specific. Amongst the terms and conditions of the EULA are the following:

  • Only current students of SCIT at UoW are eligible to access this software
  • Only for the period that they are currently studying students
  • The software can only be used for personal academic purposes

How does it work?

Firstly, users must read and agree to the SCIT "Terms and Conditions" of usage, and to the Microsoft EULA. Following this, registration takes place when a student is validated as being on a SCIT owned award, currently studying. Registration details are then passed to the e-academy's License Management System (ELMS) who issue accounts for registered users. Then users can access the ELMS site to begin accessing software. So,

  • Register on this website
  • Details passed to ELMS
  • ELMS send account details to University eMail address

How do students get copies of the software?

Amongst the services provided by ELMS, ELMS acts as a licence manager issuing product licence keys (activation codes) for Microsoft software. A student can order a product licence key for a software title, free of charge. ELMS also provide links to the software titles for download. Once downloaded, the title can be installed with the licence keys provided.

  • Login to ELMS
  • Order Product
  • Receive Key
  • Download Product
  • Install Product with Key

Which Microsoft titles are NOT available?

  • MS Office is not available is a freely available office suite that can read/write MS formats, and more.

Or You can use the online version of Office called ThinkFree or of course there is Google Docs

The website is offering more software to qualifying students at very reduced rates. Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 costs £35.00 including VAT, a £447.97 saving on the retail price. This licence allows installation on two PC's. Also try for even cheaper prices and Windows 7 for £30.00.

Please be aware when suggesting this site, that some of the software available such as Visio and Project are available free from the MSDNAA.

Which Microsoft titles are available?

The latest list, as at August 2009:

  • MS Windows 7 (DVD)
  • MS Windows Vista Business edition (DVD)
  • MS Windows XP with SP2
  • MS Windows 2000
  • MS Windows Server 2003
  • MS Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • MS Visual Studio .NET 2005
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS OneNote 2003
  • MS Visio 2003
  • MS Project 2003
  • MSDN Library
  • MS Virtual PC

How do I register?

1. Visit Facilties Registration System

2. Agree to the terms and conditions, paying careful attention to the fact that each student has ONE ATTEMPT ONLY at downloading a product, so requests for additional downloads due to broken connections, lost CDs, viruses, reinstalls, etc. cannot be accommodated.